Cryptocurrency Reports

When you file a complaint that your bitcoin wallet was hacked or you lost money to a scam broker, you will be asked for evidence. You can give law enforcement or crypto exchange documentation and screenshots to tell your story about how your money was lost. Even after all this, you may discover your complaint isn’t being acted on promptly.

Why? The scale of the crypto scam problem is so great that police and crypto platforms are overwhelmed with complaints. It is easy for yours to end up at the bottom of the pile.

But aren’t screenshots and other documents enough? Sadly, often not, because investigators still need to dig deep to draw conclusions from the documents you provide. This means more work, more time, and another complex investigation. 

This is why you need cryptocurrency reports. You can approach police and exchanges with the investigation already done and then it is fairly easy for them to launch an inquiry or take action against suspicious accounts based on the reports you provide.

What Are Cryptocurrency Reports?

Cryptocurrency reports are an organized and detailed summary of the incidents that led to the complaint, graphics tracking bitcoin transactions on the blockchain, and conclusions about who might be behind anonymous bitcoin wallets and where client funds are located. 

This information can be brought to police and crypto exchanges when the customer makes a formal complaint and can provide background, evidence, and leads pinpointing who might be the culprit behind a crypto scam.

What Is in a Cryptocurrency Report?

A cryptocurrency report contains the following:

  • Summary of the case
  • Graphic representation of the bitcoin transactions
  • A detailed description of the investigation process
  • Conclusions and findings
  • Strategies and forms for approaching law enforcement and crypto exchanges

Why Do You Need a Cryptocurrency Report

A crypto investigation report will give you an advantage and make your complaint stand out from the pile. If an investigation has already been completed, that will make the job of the authorities much easier. If you have a report that pinpoints who may be responsible for the scam and where the funds are, you are well on your way to claiming them.

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