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You deserve the best possible defense from crypto scam

Discover how thousands of clients successfully managed to recover their funds from crypto scam brokers. Follow the link below and start your fund recovery journey today.

About Us

If you have lost money trading cryptocurrency and need experts to assist you locate your funds on the blockchain, talk to CryptoScamBrokers. We have the triple advantage of: 

  • Crypto investigation experts
  • Peerless crypto trace technology 
  • Proven crypto forensics methods 

We are unique in the field because of our commitment to our customers and dedication to tracking down our clients’ funds to suspicious bitcoin wallets. Because of our investigations, many scam victims have seen successful outcomes to their claims. The combination of effort, expertise and advanced technology allows us to achieve more for our clients.

Crypto Scams

Crypto scams, unfortunately, are everywhere. Just as in the early days of the internet, when there was an explosion of cyber crime and hacking, frauds and scams abound in the blockchain era. We stay ahead of the fraudsters and are well aware of the way these illegal schemes work. CryptoScamBrokers also performs in-depth research on individual  brokers to help our clients determine whether or not they are legitimate.

Crypto Reports 

From the time our clients consult with us to the moment we compile our findings into crypto reports, we are laser focused on finding our clients’ funds on the blockchain. After we have completed our crypto investigation, we create reports that our clients can take to law enforcement or crypto exchanges and demand action on their claims.

Report a Crypto Scam

Has your bitcoin wallet been hacked? Have you lost money through crypto transactions to a scam broker? The CryptoScamBrokers team is on hand to listen to your claim and to gather the necessary information to search for your funds. Our cointracking technology and crypto trace strategies allow us to uncover the people behind the anonymous bitcoin wallets. Let us achieve results for you.

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