Crypto Complaint

The first thing you would do if someone hacked your bitcoin wallet or a scam crypto broker disappeared with your bitcoin is to file a complaint. This may sound easier than it is in reality. 

The fact is that, to make a cogent complaint, you should approach the police or law enforcement with evidence to back up your claim so you can improve your chances of getting your money back from an anonymous bitcoin wallet. 

Our clients are highly motivated and want results. They often come to us with some frustration after having attempted to file a complaint with law enforcement or urge the crypto exchange to tack action against the suspected bitcoin wallet. In spite of screenshots and documentation they present, they often are sent away empty-handed. 

Why? Don’t the police and crypto platforms care about crypto scams? Isn’t it their task or at least in their interest to pursue cybercriminals and not allow them to operate on crypto platforms?

How Our Reports Help Your Complaint Hit the Target

Yes, authorities and crypto exchanges do care, but the fact is that crypto scams have grown so quickly and extensively in scale that it is hard to meet the challenge. For those of you who were around in the 1990s, it is like the early days of the internet which was like the Wild Wild West without a sheriff. It seemed like so many people were getting ripped off online that many people swore they would never use the internet. 

The same is true of crypto, which many experts call “The Future of Money.” According to CNBC, crypto scammers stole a total of $14 billion in 2021. Meanwhile, law enforcement around the world is evolving methods to combat the threat on the blockchain. New crypto regulations are being proposed in the European Union and in the United States, the Justice Department recently founded a crypto fraud unit.

However, these changes are not being made fast enough to help our current clients, and even when they are implemented, cybercriminals will evolve new methods to trick people.

What Investigation Reports Tell Authorities and Crypto Platforms

What is the solution to the problem of exchanges and police departments overwhelmed with the scale of crypto scams? Victims of crypto scams must take matters into their own hands. They should approach platforms and police with a thorough investigation report that details the following:


            • How the problem began

            • What happened between the victim and the suspected scam

            • Documentation, screenshots, and copies of the communication

            • A graphic representation of bitcoin transactions on the blockchain between the victim and the suspect 

            • A record of subsequent transactions that track the client’s funds

            • A conclusion with leads revealing the name and location of suspected crypto fraudsters

With an investigation report, the police can fairly easily and quickly open a formal inquiry using the provided information. Crypto exchanges could freeze accounts and the client may request a court order to reveal the keys and codes to reveal identities. 

Don’t go it alone with your crypto complaint. Give us the information and we will do a thorough investigation and provide you with a report that will ensure your crypto complaint will result in action.

Report a Crypto Scam

Has your bitcoin wallet been hacked? Have you lost money through crypto transactions to a scam broker? The CryptoScamBrokers team is on hand to listen to your claim and to gather the necessary information to search for your funds. Our cointracking technology and crypto trace strategies allow us to uncover the people behind the anonymous bitcoin wallets. Let us achieve results for you.

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