Crypto Trace Services

If you have lost crypto on the blockchain through bitcoin transactions, you need the best team with proven strategies to help you locate your funds. Familiarizing yourself with our crypto investigation process will keep you engaged as an active participant in the search for your crypto. 

CryptoScamBrokers combines advanced, cutting-edge technology with human ingenuity to uncover the identities and locations behind anonymous bitcoin wallets. Our process includes the following steps:

  • Client consultation
  • Case analysis
  • Technical application
  • Bitcoin forensics investigation
  • Investigation reports
  • Strategy mapping

Client consultation

We begin and end the crypto investigation process with our clients. By listening carefully to our client’s account of the incident and using the documentation they provide, we can get a clear idea of how to proceed. We maintain communication with our clients throughout the process and keep them informed.

Technical application

We apply various types of bitcoin block explorer software and cointracking applications to make the crypto trace investigation quick and efficient. Our technology is specialized and is used by top government investigators to track down cybercrime. We use a combination of apps and software to track down bitcoin transactions and uncover patterns that provide clues.

Bitcoin Forensics Investigation

After a full technical analysis, we apply human ingenuity and our combined experience to find patterns that could lead us to the identities and the locations of those who hold client funds. We also consult our database compiled from thousands of crypto cases we have investigated.

Investigation Reports

Following our thorough investigation, we create investigation reports that our clients can bring to law enforcement or crypto exchanges. These reports summarize our process, our findings and provide leads to potential identities and locations of those suspected of committing crypto fraud. 

Strategy Mapping

We provide clients with everything they need to approach authorities and crypto platforms so they can launch an official investigation or freeze suspicious accounts. We empower our clients with evidence to present a compelling case that will achieve results. 

Let CryptoScamBrokers Do the Work to Find Your Crypto

Has your bitcoin wallet been hacked? Have you lost money through crypto transactions to a scam broker? The CryptoScamBrokers team is on hand to listen to your claim and to gather the necessary information to search for your funds. Our cointracking technology and crypto trace strategies allow us to uncover the people behind the anonymous bitcoin wallets. Let us achieve results for you.

Lost money on crypto scam?

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