Crypto Investigation

The key to unlocking bitcoin transactions on the blockchain is crypto investigation. This isn’t unique to cryptocurrencies, but it is an essential ingredient for finding your funds. 

With bank transactions, there are names, locations and many identifying details to verify who the holder is. However, on the blockchain, there is nothing but codes–for bitcoin wallets, for bitcoin transactions. 


So is bitcoin anonymous? The answer is,”partly.” Cryptocurrencies are anonymous in the sense that there are numbers, rather than names, to identify users and transitions. However, from these codes, through crypto investigation, we can discover who people are, where they live, who they are sending money to, and if we dig deeper we can find out what they are involved in. 

Does it sound intriguing? It is, but it also requires expertise, advanced technology and a single-minded dedication to our clients. 

You may ask why you need private crypto investigation. Why not go directly and file a claim to the police or to the crypto exchange where you lost your money? 

Many of our clients come to us after doing just this. They have returned from the police station or have been emailing and texting the crypto exchange and the result–they went away empty-handed. 

The authorities and crypto exchanges care very much about crypto scams. However, there has been such an explosion of this type of cyber crime that, in many cases, they lack the resources to deal with them all, much less, to launch a thorough crypto investigation with the time and energy required to track down the culprits on the blockchain. 

What is the answer? Talk to us first about your claim. We can gather information and launch a thorough investigation into the matter. After using our specialized technical solutions and forensics methods, we will have a clearer idea of who may have stolen your cryptocurrency. 

With our investigation reports, you can then approach the police or crypto exchanges will all the information you need to ensure your claim gets the attention it deserves from law enforcement and crypto exchanges and that they take action towards a successful resolution. 

Lost money on crypto scam?

We can help!