Bitcoin Forex Scam

“Bitcoin” and “forex” are both buzzwords we hear all over social media and in everyday conversation. People looking for ways to make money may ditch their side gig and instead try bitcoin or forex trading.

The trick is that bitcoin and forex can be highly volatile and many people lose money if they do not understand how they work. In addition, there are also many scams associated with bitcoin and forex. Although legitimate opportunities are available, it is important to use caution, to understand what these frauds look like, know how to avoid them and what to do if you  have lost money to them.

What Are Bitcoin Forex Scams?

You may have heard of bitcoin scams or forex scams but what about bitcoin forex scams? These can take several forms. 

First, a bitcoin forex scam could be associated with brokers who offer trading of both bitcoin and forex as well as other trading products. These brokers may offer various ways of funding their accounts, perhaps with cryptocurrencies as well as through credit card or bank transfer. If they are scams, they are likely to be unregulated and promise excessive returns or guarantee that you will make a certain amount of money. 

In the end, these brokers will disappear with your money and will lock you out of your account. Our services can help you track these people down and find your funds.

The other type of bitcoin forex scams are those that may focus on forex but the broker will demand to be paid only in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. They do this because they believe that funds are harder to trace on the blockchain so they can escape more easily and cover their tracks. 

However, CryptoScamBrokers are experts at crypto trace and finding funds on the blockchain. We can pinpoint the bitcoin transactions you made with the broker and can look at subsequent transactions to trace potential money laundering. Our technology and bitcoin forensic methods allow us to see patterns that provide clues about the identity of  people who hold accounts.

What If You Have Lost Money to a Bitcoin Forex Scam?

If you have lost money to an unreliable broker, talk to us. We consult with clients and analyze cases to determine the right strategy. Our technology and methods help us discover clues that lead to the identity of the fraudsters. From there we can provide intelligence reports that can help authorities and crypto exchanges to take action against suspicious bitcoin wallets.

Seek Assistance with Your Broker Complaint from CryptoScamBrokers

Did someone hack your bitcoin wallet? Have you lost money to a scam broker? The CryptoScamBrokers team is on hand to listen to your claim and to gather the necessary information to search for your funds. Our cointracking technology and crypto trace strategies allow us to uncover the people behind the anonymous bitcoin wallets. Let us achieve results for you.

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