Crypto Trace Services

The blockchain can seem like a convoluted place to lose your money. There are decent people who make regular bitcoin transactions, but on the blockchain, there are dishonest people who hide behind anonymous bitcoin wallets. They may hack your cryptocurrency or pretend to offer trading services when in fact they simply want to take your money and conceal it where they think it can’t be found.

Fortunately, our services can put a stop to these illegal activities. With the combination of extensive crypto experience, cutting-edge cointracking technology and crypto forensics, our team can track down these scams on the blockchain, uncover the identities behind bitcoin wallets and provide evidence for our clients’ claims, whether they initiate a court case, seek the aid of law enforcement or approach a crypto exchange and demand the suspect’s bitcoin wallet be frozen. 

Our method for tracking down client funds on the blockchain is involves:

  • Client consultation
  • Case analysis
  • Cointracking technology
  • Bitcoin forensics 
  • Investigation report

Client Consultation

Our first step involves our most valuable asset–our clients. We consult with our clients and discover vital details about the case. Once we have evaluated a claim, determined our chances of success and have accepted it, we do not rest until we have fully investigated the entire situation.

Case analysis

Our case analysis allows us to build a roadmap for crypto trace and inform the client about what they can do to contribute to the process, especially when it comes to providing relevant documentation.

Cointracking technology

The next step is the application of advanced cointracking technology that is designed to find patterns among the transactions that give valuable clues to tracking down the people behind the scam. Our software is highly specialized and is usually available only to government investigators.

Bitcoin forensics

After we have uncovered patterns of bitcoin transactions, we apply sophisticated techniques honed after working on numerous cases. Combining hi-tech and human ingenuity, we can then draw conclusions about the owners of suspicious bitcoin wallets. 

Investigation report

Our team concluded the crypto trace investigation by giving our clients a fully detailed crypto report summarizing the investigation and highlighting our conclusions. Our clients can use these reports to validate their claims and encourage authorities to take action against crypto scams.

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