Scam Consulting SCC Review

Do You Want to Open an Account with Scam Consulting SCC? Read This First! 

No one should experience the betrayal of trusting in a service to help them recover from a scam only to be betrayed a second time. It is important to be cautious about companies that claim to give any financial services to clients without a license. Scam Consulting SCC seems to fit this description. We could find no license for this company. In fact, it’s been flagged as a scam by the FCA. 

This is What We Found Out About Scam Consulting SCC

Being mentioned as a suspected scam by the FCA is a huge strike against Scam Consulting SCC. The fact that this company ended up on the FCA’s radar is enough of a reason to stay away. Scam Consulting SCC’s website provides only sparse information and we suspect many of its testimonies may be fake. We don’t recommend using Scam Consulting SCC’s services. 

Warning Signs About Scam Consulting SCC

We noticed the following about this broker:

  • Not licensed
  • Flagged by the FCA 
  • No contact information
  • No transparency
  • Bad reviews

Lost Money with Scam Consulting SCC? Contact Our Team

If you’ve lost money with Scam Consulting SCC speak to CryptoScamBrokers immediately. Our team understands how to deal with broker scams and will take steps to locate your funds, whether they were lost through credit card or cryptocurrency transactions. Our intelligence reports help authorities launch their own investigation and can increase your chances of a successful claim.