Relycoin Review

Do You Want to Open an Account with Relycoin? Read This First! 

Relycoin shouldn’t be relied upon. One of the reasons is that its web content is incomprehensible. Consider phrases like “Please consult welfare customer service” or “Season of Welfare Activities.” What is this supposed to mean? Relycoin promises a “High monthly salary.” Trading returns shouldn’t be your salary unless you are a professional investor with years of experience. The web content at least is a signpost that this broker is unreliable.  

This is What We Found Out About Relycoin

Beyond its poor web content, there are more problems with Relycoin. They don’t show any signs of having a license. There isn’t any information about who is behind these brokers or any contact information. We wouldn’t recommend trading with any brokers that don’t give you any information. Instead, we recommend researching regulated brokers and finding one that is reliable and has the services you need. 

Warning Signs About Relycoin

We noticed the following about this broker:

  • Not licensed
  • No contact information
  • No transparency
  • Bad reviews

Lost Money with Relycoin? Contact Our Team

If you’ve lost money with CryptoInvestigo, speak to us immediately. Our team understands how to deal with broker scams and will take steps to locate your funds, whether they were lost through credit card or cryptocurrency transactions. Our intelligence reports help authorities launch their own investigation and can increase your chances of a successful claim.