Loan Review

Do You Want to Open an Account with Loan Read This First! 

Loan has been flagged by the FCA as a suspicious broker. It promises consumers 3% returns daily, which is a highly unrealistic guarantee. No broker should promise its customers that it will make a certain level returns, particularly trading risky assets. In addition, the FCA has warned the public that Loan is operating without a license. We have also discovered that it is a suspected Ponzi scheme and an MLM. 

This is What We Found Out About Loan

.What is a Ponzi Scheme? It basically means that money from people funding accounts are paid out to those withdrawing money. In other worlds, no actual trading takes place at all. The broker will try to hold onto money and won’t allow withdrawals. Loan is also an MLM that encourages clients to recruit others. However, no one is making any returns. 

Warning Signs About Loan

We noticed the following about this broker:

  • No license
  • Flagged by the FCA
  • Suspected ponzi scheme and MLM 
  • No contact information
  • No transparency
  • Bad reviews

Lost Money with Loan Contact Our Team

If you’ve lost money with Loan speak to CryptoScamBrokers immediately. Our team understands how to deal with broker scams and will take steps to locate your funds, whether they were lost through credit card or cryptocurrency transactions. Our intelligence reports help authorities launch their own investigation and can increase your chances of a successful claim.