FunCube Review

Is FunCube a Good Broker or a Scam?

FunCube sounds like it is a gaming service, but it is no fun for customers who have complained of having their money stolen. There are many negative reviews claiming that once customers deposited money, they were never able to withdraw funds. Since there is no evidence of a license, it is easy to believe these negative reviews. 

We Have Some Concerns with FunCube

FunCube claims that it is “the world’s leading” broker. That is strange, because it is not that well-known. Also, it says it is regulated in 180 countries. There are not enough licenses a broker can have that would enable them to offer trading services to 180 countries. In fact, FunCube can’t show proof of even one license, which is not  good sign. Beware of any broker that makes unsupported claims and always check licensing first. Instead of FunCube, look for a regulated broker that has a solid reputation, rather than relying on FunCube that falsely claims it is the “world’s leading broker.” 

FunCube Red Flags

  • No license
  • No transparency
  • False claims
  • Bad reviews

Lost Money to FunCube? Talk to Us!

Our experts understand brokers–reliable ones and scam operations. We have researched brokers and have created these reviews to help consumers make the right choice for trading. We recommend that you avoid FunCube and instead find a reliable and licensed broker. If you have lost money to this broker, contact us and we will help you locate your funds.