Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CryptoScamBroker was designed to act as a knowledge and information hub to assist victims of crypto scams, primarily bitcoin scams and other online fraud. We also assist scam victims report scams, report scam websites and provide effective solutions to recover your funds.

Cryptocurrency simply refers to online digital money that uses a decentralized system of control.  While cryptocurrencies are not a scam, the design and nature of cryptocurrencies provide an avenue for criminals to operate. Bitcoin scams are the most common type of cryptocurrency scam.

Leave your details on the following online form and a representative will contact you to discuss your case, advise on how to report a scam and provide you with a solution to recover your funds.

Before you proceed with any cryptocurrency investment, understand that research is key to avoiding a cryptocurrency scam. The best way to avoid crypto scams is through education and knowledge. A few important aspects to consider include:

  • Identifying who is behind the company or website you’re visiting. 
  • Testing their customer support system by calling them or sending an email and asking critical questions.
  • Confirming that the website you’re visiting has a small lock symbol near the website address and ensuring the URL contains the protocol “https” before the address.
  •  Make sure to use familiar and trusted brokers and exchanges and ensure they are licensed by a trusted regulatory authority.
  • Read through the fine print and ensure you understand all the clauses.
  • Don’t deposit any money or hand over any personal information unless you are 100% sure you are not dealing with a scam.

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that was developed in 2008 as a decentralized digital currency that operates separately from a central bank or administrator. Although Bitcoin is not a scam, many criminals use the cryptocurrency as a means to scam and defraud online investors.