CryptoInvestigo Review

Do You Want to Open an Account with CryptoInvestigo? Read This First! 

CryptoInvestigo is trying to get you to believe that it has your best interests at heart, but in fact, it may not be a reliable broker at all. You should know who you are trusting your money with. CryptoInvestigo doesn’t provide any information at all. On its site, we don’t find any evidence of licensing. We can conclude it probably doesn’t have a license. We don’t see the names of people behind the broker or any independent reviews. Why would you trade with a broker that leaves you in the dark? 

This is What We Found Out About CryptoInvestigo

Instead of CryptoInvestigo, look for brokers that provide transparency and information about its background, people, and services. Look for a regulated broker with proof of licensing and clearly explains how trading works and its terms and conditions for clients. Don’t settle for a broker that gives you promises without backing up these claims. 

Warning Signs About CryptoInvestigo

We noticed the following about this broker:

  • Not licensed
  • No contact information
  • No transparency
  • Bad reviews

Lost Money with CryptoInvestigo? Contact Our Team

If you’ve lost money with CryptoInvestigo, speak to us immediately. Our team understands how to deal with broker scams and will take steps to locate your funds, whether they were lost through credit card or cryptocurrency transactions. Our intelligence reports help authorities launch their own investigation and can increase your chances of a successful claim.